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At the same time she was continuing developing her artistic skills with inks, pastels and mixed techniques.

She exhibited her work in France and abroad. She decided to dedicate her time to become a professional painter. Meeting, sharing, the link to the other one, are the main themes for Odile Escolier's inspiration.

Du lundi au samedi : de 9h à 19h Activités Agence matrimoniale, Club de rencontres Avis 5 avis récents Note globale : 4. Nos rêves les plus fous et les plus doux sont devenus réalité et devrait être pour nous l'année du bonheur retrouvé. Après un recul d'un an je peux dire que le cabinet odile rencontres est sérieux, mes souhaits on été pris en compte.

The human being in its relationship to others challenges the artist. Trees, silent nature, colorful rhythms which lead to abstract are also part of her work. She uses acrylic odile rencontre, inks and pigments.

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She uses acrylic paint, inks and pigments, first working in the background and then creating hollow spaces, as receptacles for the subject to come. The use of the knife primarily allows her spontaneity and movement.

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Odile likes scraping, painting sculpting, feeling the overlapping layers and light effects that result. She works the purification of line, the suggestion of forms, keeping only the essentials.

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The structured settings of her paintings are populated by ""living, ephemeral and solitary nature. The traces of time are part of the media and suggest the transience of the moment. The individual is suspended and odile rencontre by a thread.

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Despite the fragility and a certain absence, a world is born, a presence. Sounds and noises seem to emanate from each canvas, yet the scene is silent and no one distinct voice rises above the rest.

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In intense and mysterious works, the artist remains fascinated by the human question, its joys and sorrows. Read more

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