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Voile, conversion et blasphème étaient au menu. Imposer le niqab est anti-islamique. J'ai fréquemment rencontré des étudiantes universitaires que leurs parents voulaient obliger à porter le voile.

Had a number of creepy dates and one was a close call Plus too many men on this site were non residents claiming love but looking for someone to sponsor them. Potential for abuse was very high.

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It was hard to meet Muslim men that wanted marriage where I lived, thus thought I would try this app. I have had men say the most vile, cruel, and racist things ever.


I even had one man call me the N word after I had unmatched him. The app is slow, laggy, and messed up.

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You will keep having men you swiped no keep showing up, thus wasting your limited amount of likes. Also, you got a list of people rencontre canada musulmane unmatched you or vice verse which is absolutely ridiculous.

Date de publication en ligne le 31 août Dernière modification le 10 juillet L'islam est une des principales religions dans le monde.

If you're gonna unmatched, don't show their profile still! That's insane! Their support team is non existent, seriously never had anyone respond to any claims.

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Not worth it! This app keeps pushing for premium with its non stop ads and it's a turn off.

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Deleting this app was the best decision I ever made. I truly wish for any one that truly wants to meet someone, don't waste your breath on this app.

Même les pères des jeunes femmes célibataires sont mis à contribution.

MuzMatch is the worst and will always be the worst app unless their support team actually listens to people's complaints. Slim JoziCan't log in anymore I suddenly can't log in from Facebook.

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I tried to install many times but it's not letting me. If you have further issues please reach out to hello muzmatch.

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